Terra Vitis

"Terra Vitis, is the stamp of French vinegrower-winemakers who respect nature and Man and who craft wines to please the taste buds."

Terra Vitis, a vinegrower-winemaker history :
Terra Vitis shows the inseparable link between vines and terroir in Latin. In 1990, some Beaujolais vinegrower-winemakers decided to adopt and formalise integrated eco-friendly vinegrowing techniques. The aims of this approach are clear-cut:

  • Meet consumer requirements,
  • Respect the environment and terroir,
  • Be competitive.

A wine that is signed Terra Vitis is the assurance of shared moments of well-being set around wine. By choosing a Terra Vitis wine, the consumer is committed to safeguarding the environment and vinegrowing countryside alongside our vinegrower-winemakers and will enjoy a healthy, quality wine that has been crafted using natural methods that respect Man and the land.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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