The cellar

These important efforts in vineyard management are of course continued in the cellar to take full advantage of the high quality grapes. Vinification is based on a traditional savoir-faire allied with the employment of modern materials assuring cleanliness and safety (pneumatic grape press, thermoregulated fermentation, etc.).

A new cellar was built since two years. Functional and modern, it permit  to transfer the juice only by gravity, without any pump.We have a better respect for quality, less risk of oxydation and so less use of sulfites.

Bottling and presentation, the last step, is done by us on our estate with the same rigor :

  • Stainless steel bottling equipment in neutral atmosphere.
  • Utilization of rigorously selected heavy bottles and long natural corks.

The complete traceability of every exported bottle enables us to determine the parcel that was harvested for the wine in the bottle as well as the work calendar that was carried out in the parcel. 

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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